Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And bring on week TWO

I slept in my compression tights Sunday night and awoke before the alarm sounded...and not lying in a puddle of sweat! Wit hthe extra time on my hands, I decided to make the trip out to the pool at Mercy Anderson, where I used to swim Masters.

5:40am and I was in the water...a few hundred for warm-up, 6x100 drills and swim. I noticed that a guy had jumped in the lane next to me and was moving pretty quickly. Between sets, I looked and it was Curtis, one of the guys from Masters! I said hello and he mentioned he wondered who was swimming so fast next to him. Ha! Time to cut the small talk and get down to business. 3x800, each set with a different focus, and each with only a 20 sec breather. Coach E had given me a goal pace, but the effort was to be relaxed. These were long sets and the idea was to complete each in similar time. The first one, went out a little too fast, 20 seconds ahead of pace. Second one, 40 seconds over goal pace. Dang! Still learning how to pace in the water. I knew that third one was going to be difficult. The first half, I didn't feel too bad, but that last 400, I felt like I was dragging a piano through the water! And, I managed to be just over goal!

After that session, I was glad that my next workout wouldn't be for a full 24 hours.
So, after work, I went home, walked the dog and laid in bed reading a book while the rain poured down outside.

This morning was cold and wet and windy. I opted for the DREAMILL!! I hate that thing, but I wanted to wear shorts and sweat. And I did...through the warm-up, pick-ups and cool-down.
I was actually early (or earlier than normal for work) and I worked through lunch because it was still cold and wet and this time...hailing. So, my bike after work was on the trainer. It was just ok. I'm quite glad i stayed inside because it hailed yet again while i was riding. After a warm-up, there was high cadence stuff, which i like and welcomed. Then, 2x20min in z4 with a 5 min easy spin to separate. The first 20 min segment kinda sucked, but the last half of the second one is when i actually felt best. Cool-down, walk the pup and stretch.

Just so happens my boss is outta the office tomorrow so I can take a 2 hour lunch and do track work :)

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IronMatron said...

Okay--you need to fill me in here b/c I'm missing pieces. You just did Cali, right? And now you're training for IM, but which one?

nice workouts. i'm procrastinating as we speak--supposed to be on the bike--right now! feel a little more motivated after reading. :)