Saturday, April 18, 2009


I had so much fear about today's ride. Four hours with Coach E and the kids (i use this term loosely. They're all older than I) he trains. I met Andy in the parking lot. We were both early. E and Squirrel and Missy showed up just 2 mins after ETA of 8:30...on their bikes. They'd already ridden almost two hours. After a quick chat, a potty break and food, we all took off.

Missy headed home after an hour (and still got in her 4 hours) and I was left with the three boys. I soon learned what Missy must go through all the time. LOL. They're men...and men tend to act like 12 year olds whenever three or more are gathered together. And I can't tell you how much I lOVE seeing men act this way, making gay jokes and singing 80's songs. They don't even get mad when I call them old. I stripped off my half-zip fleece while riding down the road, over the helmet and all. When Coach saw me attempt, he threatened to install a pole on my bike if I could accomplish...and i did. Instead, he just offered me a dollar :)

Naturally, it turned out my fears were irrational. We took it easy... they even let me pull some, usually at the top of some big hill. I have no patience to just ride up hills, so I tend to get to the top as quickly as possible...and Coach called me "monkey" at one point since I had the energy, but that's understandable since they'd logged additional hours. The only time I questioned my sanity was climbing this hill out of Ft Ancient where the gravel on the side of the road made my tires spin.

I'd let Coach know I'm not incredibly confident on the bike, so he tested me a few times - he'd ride close, he come up and put his hand on my bike and pedal along, charge the downhills. And turns out, after just a week with him, I trust him completely.

There was a big beautiful blue sky and the sun was shining. 66 miles later, Andy and I pulled back into the parking lot at the beach, stretched and headed on our separate ways.

As I ate the best PB&J ever on my way home, I found myself smiling uncontrollably. Life is good.


Steve Stenzel said...

What a day!!! Nice ride! Must-a felt great!!

(and yeah, I fixed my post title - I had NO idea how I got that so wrong!!)


Judi said...

sounds totally awesome. and next saturday they are predicting 77 and sunny. and i may just take the day off, lol.