Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yesterday was my first official day under the direction of a coach! And, thus far, I've survived two planned workouts.

Yesterday was a swim that included lots of drills. I was really concerned about swimming on my own because for now, I'm told "no masters". I don't particularly like that idea and I plan to whine about it until I get my way. Coach has me concentrating on my weakness - the bike, so swims are used for recovery. Anyway, it felt great to be back in the water. I couldn't help but think how incredible it is that I can go swim a couple miles without hurting. The very simple acts of swimming and breathing, knowing how to use a pull buoy, do drills, and concentrate the effort on my lats are pretty amazing. As I swam lap after lap, I became very grateful that Paul had spent so much time with me in the water, analyzing my stroke, helping with the catch phase. As Judi pointed out, I could've spent a LOT of money learning the tings he taught me for free. Even if that is the greatest thing I receive from my experience with him, I'm grateful. I suppose you never know when or why healing will occur...

This morning I awoke and went for a run in the rain. It's been raining for over 24 hours. It's just a drizzle, but it's wet. Warm-up, strides, cool down. I didn't feel particularly great, but I also didn't feel awful. I think I was half-asleep until nearly finished with the strides.

I've been having night sweats lately...the kind that soak the pillow, make my hair curl and mat to my head; the kind where beads of sweat drip down my chest when I stand to go to the restroom...even when I sleep with the windows open (and it's only 50 degrees outside).

There's a bike session on the schedule for tonight, which includes 40 mins at steady state in z4. that requires focus. It will probably take place on the trainer. I'm looking forward to the concentration it will require. I welcome the hurt. I'm finding peace with pain...in it's various forms...and I see that with it, come better days and strength and joy and laughter.

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Judi said...

you have the legs for the bike honey. you just need a rockin' TT bike, wings, and a disk. spit out about 6k and your set. I am serious. make the investment. you already have the fitness.