Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ewwws and Ahhhs

Mondays are always a little crazy for me. Wake up and train for an hour+, go to work and maybe lift weights at lunch, come home and jump on the trainer, scarf some food, go to a meeting, call Paul on my way home, shower and bed by 9:30 so I can get up for Masters practice at 4:30.

Last night was much the same...except when I went to bed, I had that scratchy, hollow, dry feeling in my throat, like I was fixin' to get sick! And I awoke at 12:35am barely able to swallow. And at 4:30am, I dragged my ass out of bed for practice. Half way there, I realized how foolish I was being. Last time I was sick, around Thanksgiving, and I swam masters, I had to sit out a couple laps (which I never do!) and I was all dizzy, thinking I was going to pass out. So, I turned around and went back to bed.

I took some meds and I'm at work now. I've had some good moments during the day where I can't wait to get to the gym. And I've also had moments where I could fall asleep sitting up right here.

Luckily, I'm leaving work in about 20 minutes to go get my hair cut! YAY!! I'm parting ways with the hood! Paul, in his redneck way, mentioned one day that I look like a wood duck with my "hood" of hair.

It really rarely looks like this, except when I'm keeping it out of my face while training. He just happens to see me mostly when I'm training. the other day, we're running along and he looks at me oh so affectionately and says "My little hoodie-hood". Seriously, I couldn't contain the laughter. I still can't. Unfortunately, Paul doesn't get to see me much at work, when I look decent...

On a fun note, I've been wearing my HR monitor all day to see how it is when I'm sick...and WOW! my metabolism must be at a standstill when I'm at work because my RHR is about 48 and has dipped to 42 on occassion. and that's sitting up typing. how gross!

Ok, off for my lid busting!

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