Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sunday's group trainer ride was a success!!
Jess raised lots of money for Girls on the Run...
Judi has some pics posted...

I just got in another couple hours on the bike and then went out for a 6 mile run with Tom and Kevin. I re-fueled when I got home and got ready for the coming week at work.

Monday morning, I decided to sleep in (YAY!!!) since my legs wanted some rest. I walked a couple miles and waited until after work for my run....which was awesome! It was about 62 degrees and I did 6 miles in less than 42 mins, which, considering my previous two days of training, was pretty remarkable (for me).
Tuesday, masters practice...broken pool heater=cold water=Coach makes you swim more, faster to get and stay warm. We did 3200m in our hour practice. It went like this:
Warm-up - 8x50 on :40.
Main - 4x350 pull on 5:00
5x100 backstroke on 2:00
8x100 kick w/fins on 1:40
Cool-Down - 200 easy free

Evening workout was 70 mins on the bike (supposed to be 90 mins, but i got frustrated at my home situation - read next post- to the extent that i had to get outta there). Started out with 30 mins spinning at 90RPMs then the next 30 mins with 30 sec spin at 100+RPM every 3 mins and into a 10 min cool down spin.

me and Clubber, very excited that Paully is coming to town!

Paully is coming to town and we'll be riding on the trainers Wednesday night. We were gonna run, but there are 60 mph winds predicted... Not that it wouldn't be a blast, but I'd rather not suffer a concussion from flying debris. Besides, we've got to make it to masters practice Thursday morning...

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