Saturday, February 7, 2009

warm weather revival!!!

So, I awoke at 5am so Paul could video me swimming in the water before he headed home for the National Wild Turkey Federation banquet this evening (yeah, he's a total redneck!). Stroke and pulling weaknesses are shown sooo much better under water, and he's been working with me, so we needed to see if there's been any improvement over the last couple months...and what still needs improving. Anyway, I digress....we awoke to 46 degrees!!!! This, after riding to masters practice thursday morning and my car reading -6 (seriously, i even took a picture). It felt like a heat wave. I even wore flip flops.

After the early taping, Paul showed off his muscles before jumping on the bike for a quick spin...

I drove home as the thermostat rose to 56 degrees and daydreamed about the long run I'd go for upon arriving home. My upper body was feeling the effects of my nasty weight session yesterday and my hip flexors were a little tight, but running in shorts more than made it worth it. I hopped, skipped and jumped puddles and ice patches as my mind wandered. I ran on the road and dodged cars. Before I knew it, 14 miles was up and I averaged an 8:09 pace. I was pretty happy with that...but happier that I actually had sweat to show for it!

I celebrated with food (and i even had some potato chips) and a nap with my pup. Now I'm off for a chick flick...

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