Friday, February 27, 2009

lessons in life

I started reading The Alchemist again last night. It's just such a great book. So many lessons stated in plain English! I started underlining them as I read... One of them reads: "I'm like everyone else - I see the world in terms of what I would like to see happen, not what actually does." It's funny how our lives are completely based upon our perspective of it. I went home for lunch today and Kaylee was home sick, watching Cheetah Girls. I was drawn in (yeah, i know...I'm as shocked as you). There were actually a few good lessons contained in the episode, one of which was: "Don't miss where you are right now because you're anxious about the future."

Anyway, last night, I had a 90 minute trainer session scheduled. I got in an hour and couldn't hack anymore. I had no energy. This morning, lots of drainage. I think the majority of my calories are coming from snot.

I did, however, wake up to my favorite running weather - 55 degrees and light rain! I love it more when it's dark. I love how great that cool moist air feels in my lungs...and how comforting the light rain feels once I begin to sweat...and how splashing through a puddle makes me feel a bit like a kid again...and how I saw only one other soul in the hour I was outside...and he wasn't running.

Heading off to Dayton in less than an hour to go see Paully. Tomorrow is the big sale at our tri shop, Wheelie Fun, and I'm hoping to snag a full wetsuit on the cheap...and then dad's making us dinner. I figure he should at least meet Paul before I go live with him this summer.

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