Thursday, February 26, 2009

run with purpose

When I left work Wednesday evening, the thermometer in my car read 60 degrees. Clouds were covering the sky and there was a breeze that smelled of a damp spring day. My mind was on one thing - running. I'd plotted myself a nine mile course, the weather was perfect, and my iPod miraculously recovered!
As I headed out, moving felt easy. My legs turned over with ease. Breathing was fluid. My body was light. I felt a smile cross my face as I sang along with Mick to "Beast of Burden" and thought of one of the first stories Paul told me: He was driving by the mall, windows down on an unseasonably warm day in December, singing (and dancing I'm sure!) along... "Am I hard enough? Am I rough enough? Am I rich enough?...". At a stop light, a carful of girls spotted him, pointed and laughed. Did it stop him? Of course not! It was a story that only intensified my desire to be right there with him...

I made my way toward Newport, as TI and JT came piping in my ears: "...the heart of me is strong today. No regrets I'm blessed to say, the old me dead and gone away". How aprapos. Feels weird some days to think back on the things I've done, what I've been through. Doesn't even feel like my life. I'll blame the gratitude for the pace and levity with which I was bounding...

I diverted from my planned route and veared over the bridge to Covington and zeroed in on the slender chic (that's code for "skinny bitch") about a quarter mile ahead. It took me nearly a mile to catch her...and as soon as I did, we were on different paths again. But, she helped me maintain a good pace for mile #4.

Beyonce, The Postal Service, Rogue Wave...then Say Anything and "Walk Through Hell" which always melts my heart a little, as I pass behind the stadiums along the Ohio River. And as I crossed the Purple People Bridge back into Newport, Feist and "I Feel it All" came on. And I could feel it all - the wind whipping against me as I ran uphill, my legs burning, my arms feeling a little heavier... I was about 53 minutes in, and as I reached the other side of the bridge, I practiced some calming exercises, concentrated on keeping my abs tight, legs below not behind me.

The last few miles home were relaxed but strong as the sun set in the distance. I finished 9.6 miles in 1:14 for a 7:43 pace. Not bad for my second run of the day and being a little under the weather :)

I enjoyed the film of sweat on my skin as I stretched on the porch and spent the remainder of the evening with Mom and Kaylee...and Clubber. I even let her lick the dish after I finished some ice cream.

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Kim said...

i miss running with an Ipod!! you have some awesome tunes on there - very inspiring rocker tunes that assist in making you so speedy! great pace and way to kick skinny girls ass!