Friday, February 20, 2009

isn't the beach supposed to be warm?

It's flippin' cold here in Ocean City, NJ. Paully and I are looking for places to live this summer. We've done lots since we've been here - checked out apartments, met up with people on the beach patrol, ran into to people on the beach patrol, explored the island, had dinner with his buddy....and trained. Of course.

We bought a weekly pass to the Acquatics center here. I guess I shouldn't be, but I'm surprised at how many people swim here. And, everyone knows Paul as a swimmer, so that's one of the first things they ask about, whether he's gonna be racing for the city, whether he's still swimming, etc. They also note that he's dropped weight since they last saw him. He blames that on me and triathlon training. How come I gain weight then?!? UGH. I'm having some major issues with that right now. I've gotten so big...not really fat, just big and muscular. I don't know how I just noticed, but it hit me early this week. WTF?

Six weeks from Cali 70.3 and I really have no idea where I stand, particularly on the bike. Obviously, my swim is much better. I think my run is equivalent, if not slightly slower (from the extra weight). I've spent a lot of time on that trainer, so I hope it's paying off, but I suppose we'll see.

Last night, we just did an hour of cardio. Me on the treadmill, Paul on the bike. Today was a morning swim and then afternoon weights and cardio. Swim was under Paul's direction in the 50 meter pool. I've never really experienced meters, but they're def different! So, this was oiur workout, after a few warm-up laps:
8x50 on :60
300 free w/paddles
8x50 on :55
100 free w/paddles
8x50 on :55
500 free w/paddles and buoy
And after our weights and elliptical (all the treadmills were full) session, we went to dinner with his buddy, ex-swimmer, fellow beach patroler, Graham and ate some good food.
Tomorrow, we're going to see this place on the bay, and hopefully, talk the owner into a 6 month lease....and then lots of training...including a long run on the boardwalk!

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