Monday, February 23, 2009


5:00am - alarm sounds. hit snooze.

5:08am - alarm sounds again. get up. pee. brush teeth.

5:15am - look at trainer. bolt missing. must be in my car or something? pull on shorts, decide to go to workout room and run on treadmill

5:30am - all three treadmills taken! WTF?! since when do apartment dwellers get up at 5am to run on the treadmills in the clubhouse?

5:35am - go to car to search for missing trainer bolt.

5:40am - resolve to run outside. bundle up.

5:50am - begin nice relaxed hilly run in 10 degree temps.

6:52am - finish hilly run, relaxed. but with frozen digits.

6:58am - start coffee. text Paul. put eggs on to boil.

8:32am - leave house for work.

Seriously, what happened to the hour and 34 minutes between coffee making and leaving for work? Sure, I packed a lunch, made a smoothie, showered, dressed, walked the dog, watched the sun rise...but 94 minutes?! I think I passed through a time warp...or I really just hate my job that much...enough to subconciously delay it's inevitable arrival into my day? Guess it's a good thing I'm only here for another six minutes! :)

Then it's home for a 70 min trainer ride. I found that bolt. The plan for this evening? 10 min warm-up, 6x (5 hard, 3 easy), 10 min cool-down.

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