Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is the entire Midwest suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder?!? I've been tanning for the simple act of getting more vitamin D. I think it's helping.

Paul came into town yesterday and met my co-worker, Rob, at the YMCA to show him some moves in the weight room. Rob called me on his way back to the office and said he was "quivering". HA HA!!! Paul and I are not what I would deem "typical". I don't think many triathletes are. Rob is not a triathlete. He is an ex-frat boy, father of three that occasionally runs a few miles and lifts to stay in general good health. What Paul and I consider a good workout makes some people writhe in pain. I've yet to see Rob in the office this morning. I want to make him laugh and see if his core is so sore it stops him in his tracks.

We set up our trainers and began to ride...while watching Tropic Thunder...and after just 20 minutes, neither of us were feeling it. I so badly wanted to be outside!!! Paul grabbed some Doritos, I kid you not, and we continued pedaling. Soon, I suggested we just get up and go for a quick run to work on transitions. We ran a couple miles and I went on to ride my bike while Paul laid on the couch, munching on carrots and hummus, throwing the dogs some every now and then.

I was awoken at 1am. Then at 3am. Then at 4:10 am. Clubber vommitted up about 30 carrots. Apparently, Paul thinks she, a pug, can consume the same number of carrots as he and Drake, his Visla. Not so.

I got up for the last time at 4:30am to go to Masters swim practice. Paul slept. As I drove across the river, I wondered why I wasn't also in bed. warm. with my boyfriend that came to see me for a few days. I got to practice and we talked about Sean (see previous post) for a bit. i had to walk away from the group as tears streamed down my face when Aaron described the phone conversation he had with Sean on Tuesday:

"I sent him a text and he immediately called me back. I picked up and he was sobbing, and he just said 'she's gone'. I said 'who? Lily?'. And he said 'Marty. She's gone."

Ugh. We went on to our workout:

12x25 on :25 where every 4th 25 is non-free, 10x100 best average on 2:00 (this means we go hard on the first one, and try to hold that for the remaining nine), 350 easy, 5x100 (25 right arm stroke, 25 left arm stroke, 25 fist, 25 swim) on 2:15 any stroke, 100 all out.

I'm tired. I'm going home at lunch to go for a run with Paul. It's sunny. Maybe I won't have to tan today :)

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