Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When I'm feelin' blue...

...all I have to do, is take a look at...

then I'm not so blue... and I'm laughing my ass off!

I'm not currently blue, but I love that dance. Ha.

Last night's run went fairly well. Started out with a 20 mins at a moderate pace. Then, 7x2 min pick-ups with 3 mins easy after each. The only bad thing, is that when I run alone, I have a hard time keeping the easy part EASY. I finished with a 15 min cool-down and a quick stretch.

This morning, I woke up and ran to Walgreens, in the rain, to get ibuprofen. My hips ache. When I sleep on my side, it's worse. I woke up a few nights ago crying because even after I rolled on my back, the pain didn't dissipate after 15 mins. I hope nothing is severely wrong.

Today marks my second and last day of work for the week! And, I'm leaving early. I've got to go home and finish packing (being an athlete and packing is never easy. It entails bringing so much stuff! - swim gear, including paddles and buoy, running shoes, sports bras, cold weather gear, shorts for the gym, and then all the stuff you need for normal every day activities, like jeans, heels, sweaters...) and then get up to Dayton. Our flight leaves at 7:05am tomorrow. We've got a few places to view and we're visiting the chiropractor, running the Boardwalk, joining Masters swim practice, training...and just gettin' the hell outta Dodge! Wee-hoo!

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Judi said...

why the hell didn't you tell me you had a blog?