Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day and the Aftermath

Friday the 13th proved uneventful. All I really remember is going to the grocery store and eating ice cream. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Actually, Paul ate most of the pint that was my treat after he finished his twinkies in the car.

Saturday morning, we overslept and were planning to cut the run short...but he surprised me by 1) remembering it was Valentine's Day when I forgot. Yes, I realize I'm probably the only female on the planet that forgets this holiday, but my luck in the gift receiving arena hasn't ever been great (nothing says "I love you, baby. You're so hot" like a case of ProActive solution), so I tend to disregard Holidays filled with such. And 2)continuing the run even though it meant being late for work...back in Dayton.

The run felt amazing and I needed that for the ego! I made him breakfast and sent him on his way while I went to the visitation...and then drove to Dayton. He returned the favor by cooking me boar and deer. Yes. Boar. And Deer.

Sunday was a three hour trainer ride (good God, that's a long time to be spinning your wheels and going nowhere!) and half hour run...and then Paul had a swim lesson, so I got in and swam 1000 while he worked with the youngster.

Monday = President's Day = No work for me!!! Legs were pretty trashed, so I did a 30 min spin on the trainer and then a quick 2k in the pool, mostly pulling.

Later this week, Paul and I head to the Jersey shore to find a place to live for the summer! Gotta get more training in before Thursday...and it's time to start cutting weight. Less than 7 weeks to Ironman California 70.3!!!

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