Sunday, March 1, 2009

weekend wrap-up

I finished work Friday and went to Dayton, where Paul had single red rose and dinner waiting for me. We ate and talked and I laid in his arms.
Saturday, we got up and went for a swim and then to the Wheelie Fun sale. I got a $419 full wetsuit for $150! Woo hoo!! I also picked up another pair of Pearl Izumi tri shorts that I'm sure I'll need for training and racing this summer. After chattin' with a local triathlete that did Cali 70.3 last year about the course and meeting another who is going out there this year, it was almost 2pm and we were starving... So, we made the 40 mile trek to my place, ate, dropped the dog, packed our bags and left for a couple hours at the gym before heading west to my dad's for dinner.

I had a great run, even if it was on the treadmill. I found that comfortable stride again, where I'm able to just focus and it's all fluid and easy instead of labored and choppy. After Cali 70.3 on April 4, I have the Flying Pig Marathon on May 3 and then Triple T May 24-26 before cooling my jets and focusing on IMKY on August 30. Anyway, this was the run...
10 min warm-up @ 8:06 pace
15 x (1 min @ 6:31 pace, 1 min @ 7:47 pace - supposedto be 5k pace and marathon pace. i did my best guestimate)
5 min cool-down @ 8:06 pace

Then on to 15 mins on the ERG, with an emphasis on the core, and about 20 mins of pulling in the pool.!!! Dad made this fantastic spaghetti sauce, and in true dad fashion, realized he had no spaghetti as the water began to boil. Dinner was delayed a bit as he ran to the store, so Marie, dad's wife, got to interrogate Paul. He did pretty well. I think. Dad said he seemed "nice and normal". Ha ha! That's a compliment coming from dad...or maybe it says something about the guys I've dated in the past? Either way, I think dad has come to realize that I'm going to do what I want to do regardless what he thinks.

We stayed up wayyyy past our bedtime. It was like, 11 or something, so we slept in this morning and went for a run down to the river. We stopped at the levee for a drink from the fountain and as we started up again, I stopped mid-stride, made an exaggerated pause and let loose a very audible gas cloud. I turned around and this middle aged professional looking man was staring straight at me with this look of "what the hell was that?!?". Paul laughed as I turned 3 shades of scarlet and took off, asking "did he hear me? oh my God, do you think he heard me?"

After the cold windy run, Paul left and I went into the office for a bit and searched deep down for some inspiration to do more training for the day. I'm so so so sick of the cold. Tonight, it's supposed to be -12 with the wind chill. Somehow, by the time I got home, I really felt like riding, so I hopped on the trainer for 2 hours while I watched America's Next Top Model.

We also brushed Clubber's teeth today. She wasn't very happy with us... I'm glad she doesn't have great recall. She's snoring next to me now.


Chloe said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Good job freaking out the business man :)

Tawnee said...

I'm doing IMCA 70.3 too! Where do you live? Like the blog...

Amanda said...

Tawnee - I'm in Northern KY/Cincinnati, OH area...not exactly conducive for winter training. No open water swims, most biking done on the trainer, BUT soooo looking forward to cali and racing again!

Amanda said...
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