Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best Day Ever!!!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and just know it's going to be a good one?

I woke up at 4:30am for practice and sent Paul a pic of my awesome bed head(see below for a sampling). Totally cheesey, but we love to compare...and you have to keep things interesting in a long-distance relationship, right? And, no, the pictures aren't always so lame. or tame.

Anyway, practice started ok and coach Aaron told us we were gonna do 8x275 on 4:15...the first 4 were pulling with paddles and the second 4 were straight swim. Dude. That's 2200 right there!! That was after warm-up and 8x75. And i knew those last four would hurt. I was scared. Alas, my arms were fine. I made all the intervals and realized I was worried for not.

Then, I worked for 2 hours and went to my massage. And that was amazing. She worked my right glute so well that i can now sit cross legged with zero pain! Plus, we talked about relationships and the feminine archetype...and how the masculine side doesn't need to show when a mate has comparable masculine traits, allowing the female to be purely feminine...which entails being intuitive, emotional, and chaotic. Yes, we chics are chaotic. Really?! I didn't know! I'm fucking bat shit crazy. Are you kidding me? I kinda hate that "feminine" aspect. But the massage was great and she gave me lots to ponder...

I went back to work and was called into my boss's office, of whom i'm not a huge fan. He tells me I'm getting a $5k bonus!! Yay ME!!! Then, Rob and I stood around and talked and joked about some stuff, while he skittishly wrote on a piece of paper "$5k for this?!" Yeah. It's ridiculous.

I got off work and it was 64 degrees, so I went for an hour run. I thought a lot about what a psychobitch I've been to Paul and didn't even know's like I was SEARCHING for things to razz him about. I came home to the smell of grilled chicken and sweet potato fries, but ran to my room to call Paully and apologize for being a lunatic and that if he'd acted the way I had, my feelings would be hurt. I still haven't worked through it all, but at least I'm more aware of my insanity. I also got about 10 hoots and one photo taken while on my run. Seriously, there was flash and all.

So, I had dinner, read some blogs and now, I'm pooped...and Clubber is already snoring next to me :)

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