Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Only in Ohio.. it 78 degrees one day and 39 the next.

Monday was a beautiful day, albeit a little cloudy. My alarm buzzed at 5am. I nixed that and reset it for 6, which meant just a quick 4 mile run before work to loosen the legs after Sunday's rest. I watched the clock tick down to 5pm when I could change into my tri shorts and get out on my bike. It was nearly 60 degrees and crazy windy, but being back out on the road, well....there's just nothing like it!

Tuesday morning's swim practice came quick! And it was a sprint workout. Not what I'm particularly good at doing - going fast for short stints, but it was fun.

I couldn't quite get into "work mode" yesterday so I went home for lunch to visit with mom. It was already 75 degrees, so we walked Clubber around the pond behind our place. She only did two fake pees, where she might actually squeeze out some urine, but she definitely is just trying to stop for a bit because she's tired. It was difficult going back to my cubicle and office lighting after that...but I got busy and before I knew, it was time to down some yogurt and granola to fuel my 10 mile run at the regional airport!!!

Did a 5 mile loop on my own and I waited for the group to arrive for another 5 mile loop. I stopped at the toilet just as they took off, so I played catch-up for the first mile or so. Fun stuff! I got to go chase down the fastest group...and then I settled into their 8 min pace. Beautiful run and I got to chat with my buds, Shannon and Tim, and meet some other new folks.

Last night was a full moon, so I was well aware craziness could ensue.
And it did.
Paul has exactly six days to be out of his apartment. That apartment is still full of stuff. And by "stuff", I mean bed, couch, chairs, a deep freezer, lamps, swim gear galore, clothes...the cabinets and closets are still full... And during one of his freak outs the other night regarding the situation, I offered to go up and help him on Wednesday night (tonight). I did not know this would mean he would do all the things he wanted to do (swim, lift, WATCH MOVIES, go Tanning!?!) in the meantime. I'm rearranging my schedule to accomodate his while he his schedule accomodates all he wants. Yeah. I'm frustrated. I swear, men can be so fucking selfish! And stupid me...I'm playing into it! Ugh.

So, I awoke to 30 degree temps and rain this morning. I got on the trainer for a sweaty hour (15 min WU, 12x30" @110 RPM every 3', 90 RPM otherwise, CD) and a walk with the pup and some band work....and packing my bag for this evening and work tomorrow (just in case I decide to stay). I'm headed to Dayton right after work. This evening could end very badly. We shall see.

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