Sunday, March 22, 2009

like old times. only better

Saturday morning was a treat! I slept in a bit and then packed my bike, food and gear and headed to Tom's. It was only 35 degrees so I went for a 3.5 mile warm-up run before our ride together.

The ride was beautiful. We were just powering along the river, taking in the scenery...then came the hill...a very long steep hill that takes you South, away from the river. By the time I reached the top, my legs were burning. I'd forgotten that sensation. My legs have burned on the trainer, but it's alltogether different on the road. And I absolutely loved it! We made record time (compared to last summer) for the course and then headed out for a 30 min run. My feet were numb from the bike and I didn't get all feeling back until nearly the end of the run. I didn't so much love that.

Home and showered, mom and I headed out for some shopping and dinner and then we rented a movie. I was up late and slept in this morning. Well, until I got a text at 7am...

I slept in my compression tights, so my legs are quite fresh today. And it's supposed to be in the I may get the bike out again!

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