Thursday, March 12, 2009

late to bed, early to rise

Wow. I can be so dramatic!
I got to Dayton last night and Paul had actually done quite a bit of work on that place in the previous 3 days. We loaded up his couch, chair, antler lamp (yeah. an antler lamp) after we dined and cleaned up. It was a fabulous evening, really.

I debated on whether to stay the night and make the drive back to Cincy in the morning or turn around and sleep in my own bed and try to make it to Master's practice on 5 hours of slumber. I chose the latter. I'd told myself long ago (after learning the hard way) that I wasn't going to let any boy, no matter how amazing, get in the way of my goals and being the person I want to be. So, while 4:30 am came wayyyyy too soon this morning, practice was well worth rising from the warm covers and a snuggley Clubber.

We started with 6x75 drill on 1:30. And when Aaron said "Thursday will be a distance day" I didn't really imagine I'd be doing 5x300 (with every 4th 25 non-free) on 5:00. This was meant to just be an easy aerobic set, so I treated it as such. He let us know the next set would be harder. And it was. Strap on paddles. Buoy between thighs. 7x100. First three and last three on 1:20. Middle on 2:00. And, let the lat burning begin!

It's about 10:30am and I already feel that I'll be napping over my lunch break.

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Eileen Swanson said...

Awesome job on that swim, even better that you could do that on barely any sleep! Congrats on making the right decision too ;-))