Thursday, March 19, 2009


I like Thursdays. I have swim practice early in the morning and, occassionally, I'll take the evening off training and run errands or go to bed early. It's also the last day of the work week that I have to dress up. It's the almost Friday and there is some type of excitement in the air...

On a training note, I'm getting really geared up for IM Cali 70.3. I'm more ready to race than I may have ever been. I'm actually quite surprised. I'm surprised when I catch a passing glimpse of myself in the mirror and see muscles. I'm surprised that I feel so comortable in the water. I'm surprised that while my legs are thicker, I can still run fast. I'm surprised at how easy biking feels in the big gear. And some days, I'm just surprised I'm still around at all.

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