Wednesday, March 25, 2009

coming into focus

With IM cali 70.3 quickly approaching, training hours are taking a dip. Just 8 hours this week. But it's eight hours of the good stuff. I'm fresher than I've been in months and my body is getting rest between the more intense training sessions.

Tuesday morning was Masters practice. Aaron had fun with us. We started with 8x25 on :30, odds were streamline kick, evens were swim. I made the kick interval for the first time!!! Then came the fun, 8x25 on :30, odds were double armed backstroke and evens were opposing stroke and kick (ie - breast stroke with flutter kick or back stroke with breast kick...) just to get our heart rates up. HA HA HA!!! There is a reason I run and bike...I am not very coordinated.

We moved on to our main set of 12x100 (4 w/pull gear on 1:30, 4 swim on 1:25, 4 w/fins on 1:20). I was the only one in my lane to make all the intervals!! Next up was 3x(200 non-free swim on 3:40, 100 easy free on 2:00). Fun day for training and the guys all make it worth getting up at 4:30 am.

I didn't get much sleep Monday night due to some personal conflicts, so I went home Tuesday and just sat with the pup and watched the storm roll in. The weather is beginning to get warm and it's really beautiful this time of year.

I got up at 5am this morning for a short brick...and to try out my new Zoot shoes. Riding was on the trainer (blech...) but it went well and then off for a transition run in the rain! And i could feel that I haven't been killing myself the last few days. My legs felt good. My steps were quick and light and the new shoes? Incredible!

Now, looking forward to swimming in my new Splish suit that came yesterday :)

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Chloe said...

Great swim! That is awesome! Ugh - I HATE drills! Double arm backstroke can just suck it!!

How do you like your zoot shoes? I'm still pondering a pair. I LOVE my splish suit! Because you know you'll be the only one wearing that suit in the pool!!