Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Retarded o'clock + retarded cold = Retarded!

I got up at 4:30am and it was all of 7 degrees outside. As I drove to practice, I thought about summertime and living on the beach this year and riding my bike as the sun rises...

...And I snapped out of dream land and right into the pool because we had a lot of yardage to cover...3200 yeard to be exact, 1000 of which was non-free.

My arms and abs are achey from my weight/swim session yesterday morning. I'm glad since it was my only workout of the day. I picked up my niece, Kaylee, from school. We did homework, met my dad for food, finished homework, colored pictures, performed karaoke in the living room, braided hair, watched Sponge Bob, walked Clubber...all in, like, four hours. Mom walked in the door and asked "how ya doin'?".

"I'm tired" was all I could manage.

Ironically, it's also all I could manage when she got up this morning as I walked in the door from practice.

I think that's my perpetual state once I really get into training for something. I think my entire summer was spent "tired". It's unavoidable when I dedicate a seemingly unGodly number of hours to training and I'm not a pro (meaning I have a full time job) and I have some friends, even a significant other, family, a pup, a home... It just seems as though there isn't enough time to ever fit it all in.

So, today, I'm back to a double...and I have a 2 hour run scheduled at the airport this evening. The first half will be alone, but the second half will be with a group. I hope it warms up! For now, I'm gonna go do that fake "I'm reading financial statements" when I'm really taking a quick nap at my desk!

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Chloe said...

Oh man that is cold! I remember when I lived in Michigan - mom would pick me up from swim pracatice and drop me off at school. Somewhere between the two - my hair would freeze and look like I had dreds. I was styling for a 5th grader.