Friday, March 20, 2009

ready for the weekend

So, one good thing about Paul being gone is that I have lots of time for me. Ha ha.

Tomorrow, I'm going for a ride with Tom, my old training buddy, and then going shopping with mom! I'm totally stoked about both. Next weekend, I'm going to IL to see the fam. I'll be tapering, so it'll be good distraction to be on the road and visiting and painting mom's garage and all. Only thing I've got to be aware of while there is shoveling food down my throat. They always want to feed me...and it's always fried chicken and creamy sides and cakes and pies and cookies and ice cream...

Training, today was just recovery. Easy 45 min run with strides in 27 degrees before work and then a 2k swim after. Tomorrow may be challenging...looking forward to hills and the run after!

On another note, Paul went to this park today where he got to play with lion cubs. And I get this text that said he was 'mauled' and that when he turned around, one had jumped on his back and they liked to play rough! Then, when I asked if he was ok, he waited a half hour to respond. You can't do that!! Sheesh! He's fine, but here's a phone pic of the one that tried to eat him :)

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